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RV University

RV University in Escalon, CA

Shopping for the perfect RV is a hard and everlasting decision that if made wrong could result in a costly mistake! This can be made easier with RV University to help you get the facts when shopping for an RV. Below are some key points that we have found very useful in this process:

  • What is my RV's towing capacity?
  • What is the hitch and unloaded weight?
  • What is the "actual overall" length?
    **Do not go off model number**
  • If pre-owned, how many previous owners were there?
  • If pre-owned, what was its previous primary use of the RV?
  • Where was the RV brought in from? Auction?
  • If new or pre-owned, has the RV been inspected and are there any permanent damages?

Making an educated decision is knowing. Any good "sales person," or as we like to say, "educator," should know these answers — or the dealership should have a method in place for conveying this very important information. Here at Referral Auto Group in Escalon, we most certainly do! We are fellow RVers and campers that enjoy the experiences you are getting ready to embark on. We strive to educate you in making the right decision, even if that means we don't have the right RV for you.

Referral Auto Group has created RV University for this very reason — to educate and help you in making the best RV buying decision. We add content to our YouTube Channel and conduct small seminars for the first-time buyer and the experienced RVer alike. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and read our blog to keep up with our ever growing library and upcoming seminars. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by today to chat with a member of our team!